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Player already using element Bug


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I've run into this issue once before where my game decides to kick me out for no reason saying "Server Error". After I log back in with no issues, Sometimes it breaks something I was either looking at like an assembly for instant saying a player is already using this element when clearly no one else is. I'm sure someone else has had this issue and I'm wondering if there's a way to fix it or just to let the DEV'S know this is a very annoying bug and that it needs to be fixed. I love playing this game and enjoy everything about it so far but I just want this issue to be known and dealt with quickly.


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It used to be that you could ask a GM to fix these and it would be OK again.  Someone on discord says that tickets are actually responded to quickly sometimes now so you could try that?  Also IIRC sometimes that element state corrects itself after some time so you could wait a day and hope it goes away.

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