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Temple of Masters - not what you think, something different!


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here's something you wouldn't really expect to see in a game where you should be building space ships, but i'm building it anyways, because it's quite fun and addictive.

i present to you: VR = TEMPLE OF MASTERS | it's a complex puzzle maze, where you need intelligence, memory, skills and speed to complete the rooms.

it's FAR from complete, but here's my first video on it. take a look at the video or come visit it yourself.


i'm getting ideas from various movies and games, such as tomb raider, indiana jones, doom, stargate, aliens, predator, resident evil  ..etc + my own ideas. it's not suppose to be a copy of anything, it's only inspired by movies and games, but i make everything from scratch without looking at any maps or areas seen in other games or movies. i just want to give it that mysterious vibe.


i only have few working rooms so far, it's really time taking process and i have serious lack of motivation :((

however if you have any ideas that you'd like to see, do let me know either here on forum or in my video comments (i check my comments every day, forum - not so much).


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