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Heat-proofing your ship - supersonic ship building!


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Here you can see my BLACK ICARUS build, it's my first heat-resistant supersonic ship that can easily do 3000km/h in lower atmo and over 6000km/h in 1 to 3% atmo with only 10% throttle. I use this for market or quick ore runs, it has M container and can easily carry about 150-250t of cargo without breaking sweat. Takes me about 3-4 minutes to get from one side of Alioth to other, so 6-8 minutes for a full round trip. at 1% atmo it's also super fuel saver. i use archhud to set altitude hold at around 1% and then put throttle to 10% and speed just keeps climbing even past 4000km/h.


I'm also selling my ships in my base (VR = Sethioz)



and here's my test flight and detailed explanation on how to make such builds:


Special thanks to Seawing who pointed out some interesting game mechanics that affect atmospheric burn.

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