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"Lost Civilization" Idea if Wipe is to Happen (Scan old beta contructs for credits/talent points)


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If the wipe is to happen, what if we made the current beta areas a lost civilization? An apocalypse event!

All the old areas would have mining units and industry disabled and be considered an exploration area. Aliens or arkship explodes or something. Any current constructs there would be in read-only mode. Any new ships that scan (identify) the old constructs would get some kind of benefit. Maybe credits or talent points. Amount could be based on rarity/cost of elements/voxels, number/credit value of player missions where it's a destination or origin, or traffic? So this would become exploration gameplay!

If current beta players understood this, then their works get to be immortalized and be an everlasting mark in DU. They will build many great things. There would be tourist cruises and routes that allow experienced players to bring new players to just scan a bunch of the old areas in cruise ships. You only get money/talents points one time though.

Then every new player that visits will wonder. "What's the story behind this place?" There would be discussions and new youtube videos based on this. Old beta players would become sources of information based on the history of the tourist sites.

Any thoughts on this idea?

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