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Core Proposal


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Honestly cores need to be 25 base with 50 added from Talents to be meaningful as a base for personal cores to still allow for 25 ships or 25 buildings and if anything the cores should be different by talents to have 25 cores of each.


Beyond that I think that Salvaging and PvP needs to be the other half of this system to where you can have 100 cores but you can only gain 50 through base and talents but also that you can salvage cores or sieze them in PvP to overcap back up to 100 cores total with 50/50 ships and buildings.


Guild based talents should comin again is 25/25 ships and buildings you can equally donate to an org. Or that there should be some kind of Org type of talent tree for the Org leader who gets to unlock different ORG ONLY talents on top of players who also get to assist the Org Talent tree that is bound to them and goes with them but does not potentially evaporate an org overnight if people bail, indian giver take backs, or unsub from the game in droves. Those player addition talents should be like the personal Talent system but have research exp on top of personal exp that they can help research that has no bearing on cores or that they get 90exp each with massive EXP pools and the guild leader gets their Exp boosted by +1 for every member online to research more cores, better constructs, or more useful things rather than everyone just learning for themselves and research other unlocks on top of PD, bonuses, production, damage, etc.


Or having a third Talent Tree for research that involves stats boosts and things for donating items for research or quanta for the research process to take items out of the game for a purpose. Like if your org wants to research ore and more specifically hematite for example for MUs, asteroid mining, or harvesting then it takes 10,000,000L of hematite for T1, would be like 10,000,000L for like 10L gains and each time you turn it it goes up slightly. Or if you want to research Rail Guns you need to actually donate railguns and it takes like 10,000 railguns for a Org wide bonus of stats like +1% across the board, or Atmo Engines you name it you should have to either donate ore, parts, or quanta in order to pugrade things in the game.


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