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Have other NPC factions similar to Aphelia, buy our inventory


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Title says most, except the reason why?


Invisible NPC factions are waging war over planetary control in order to apply their notorious taxation schemes once captured. Some NPC taxes are worse than others, but the benefits are very attractive to Players. (This is an organic tax system with some pros and cons)


The NPCs has an unlimited thirst for Elements, Fuel/Scrap and Weaponry to support them in their war efforts, creating very oppotunist ***Hauling-Missions for Players with an overflowing inventory (This is a much needed asset sink)  

The effort put in here by Players will determin who is the dominating NPC in a Region, (Could be hex based)


***Hauling-Missions (Not competitive in terms of Quanta but attractive due to the benefits to mining units granted by the dominating NPC faction.









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