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NQ, please make the game better, ideas are here


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You should add blocky terrain like Minecraft, because a lot of people build buildings without land voxle. Also, it would save NQ server monkey.

You guys have got to get it together and learn from your competitor, starbase. make cities more of them, and NPC made. ,make them empty so players can go in and make it theirs.

NQ, you have to face the realty of the situation. Not enough players to make market work. Make more market, procedureally generated, with npc. the more players that use it, the less npc there is.

Please do not add voxle corner editor. Make the game use the normal voxle tools so it adds challenge and makes buildings more special. It add new progression, called, "Voxlemancy"

Let us make our own skyborgs! Skyborgs like space, nebula, white or etcetera

It may sound like  joke, but it good for games future (i am studying game designing, by the way)

Rehire NQ-Entropy, fire NQ-Sesch

make npc ships, make then fight like pew pew BAM, make it really deadily too so people have to go away, make it hard to find new market. when finding new procedure space market, far away, make it more cheaper items, so player have to fight through to it.

add food, hunger, stanima, sprint and double super sprint, players go fast = less players going slow, fast = good and more play faster, good = money. NQ likes money, no?

remove quantas, please make it gold ingot, so people can steal item

Question myself below please

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Making the post better, and idea is here.

Why do people insist on changing the colour of their posts. There is this guy here and one other who insists on using green text.


the problem is those don’t colors override any defaults set in the client sometimes making them difficult to read. 

one person managed to set their text to black. Not good when using dark mode for obvious reasons. 


How about sticking to the default colour and letting your post stand on its own merits rather than trying to highlight it by changing its colour?

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