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The by design issue of Dual Universe


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We all have seen it, from 0.23 with the schematics to now with Demeter resources. 
But this forum post is not going to be about the numbers being wrong or that the game is too difficult.
Instead it is about the consistent game design issue that has been occurring. 
Almost all of the fun in Dual Universe comes from creativity, however creativity is not designed. 
To this I would point out where games in general go when creativity is a main driver for the game. 
Minecraft is a great exemplar for this, but the concept extends beyond Minecraft and can be found in most creativity first games.
The one thing I would like to point out from Minecraft is how Mojang Studios goes about designing Minecraft for the community. 
I will not go into detail here, but the point is they do not restrict in any way the ability to create.
As an example: By design there is adventure or a boss to defeat to get rare items.
Those tasks are designed for fun. As a reward for doing the difficult thing defeating the boss is the rare item.
In Dual Universe yes there is an adventure of scanning planets to find the rare tile that has the rare resource.
Mining that resource is not fun. Taking that resource back to build something is not fun, I burn fuel, I can get shot, I can loose it all.
But that is besides the above point. We have difficult tasks and rare rewards. Generally with no fun in the middle. 
And this is constant with almost every task in Dual Universe down to the simple task of living with tax.

PVP is an answer, but is this all to DU? No narrative, NPCs or PVE, survival aspect?
I ask Where is the fun by design in Dual Universe, What are the fun by design actions/activates in Dual Universe (meaning without creativity, the actions/activity that get you there to be creative)? What is the fun "Game" of Dual Universe / What could it be?

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A lot of system in DU is driven by player to player interactions however due to the sheer scale of dual universe and the concurrent player counts that job of finding interaction becomes harder everyday. Most pvper find it hard to find people to pvp and vice versa. They did address this by adding missions but even then its more of a idle/afk job more than anything else. Salvaging was the one thing i feel that gave players something to do. This game severely needs a PvE enemy or fake players of somesort.

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