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Are planets developed enough for the resources consumed?


What does the community think...  

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  1. 1. Are planets developed enough for the resources consumed?

    • Planets do not have enough resources
    • Planets have too much resources
    • Resources are not spread around the planets enough (too many concentrated areas such as mega nodes)
    • Planets are developed
    • Planets are not developed
    • Planets suffer from high resource costs
    • The universal economy suffers from high expenses

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Resources are plentiful.


Territory is plentiful. 


Almost nobody plays for the benefit "everyone else". They play for themselves and their faction, and are only really interested in outsiders doing well if it in some way improves their own experience.


The game currently suffers primarily from a combination of:

-Hardware limitations (some people cant get close to majorly populated areas),

----I can only suggest things that might lower the system-load here, I lack the code and design knowledge to do much else.

-A lack of content (I can mine and save, or I can mine and build, or I can mine and go run out of fuel and ammo shooting a cube),

----Player-made content is cool, but "because I can" and "for the art" isn't enough to keep them going, particularly when a "quick binge" reveals that there is nothing else there yet. The game needs procedural content (missions, places to explore, things to fight over that can actually be fought over).

-General grindy-ness (non-mining people want to hop in and go explore, or blow stuff up, or build, or do other things, not spend a whole weekend mining to scrape together the funds to go do the thing they want for an hour next weekend). 

----NQ is working on this with the passive mining stuff. More will probably be needed (Aphelia-missions or the like), but we'll need to wait and see how that turns out.


Were these issues resolved, the player-base would probably be larger and there would be more buildings and ships about.

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