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Ground voxel reset (cave ins)


Voxel Reset  

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  1. 1. Are you ok with ground voxels filling themself in over time or would that ruin your builds/immersion?

    • Yes, tunnels can fill themselves in over time
    • No! leave my game alone!

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I'm not sure if the server takes more resources to constantly update all the tunnels as we fly by or what the deal is server side BUT I think that tunnels in the terrain on tiles that are NOT own should 'cave in' after a week or so.


And have the OPTION that on my territory that within a certain distance of a construct that no voxels will cave in.  (so buildings don't get filled in with dirt) Or no caves ins on claimed territory. 


So basically Only claimed territories will still keep their tunnels if the player chooses. 


I fly around looking for ore and there are tunnels EVERYWHERE which is cool... but not very useful. I just think if saving server resources is an issue maybe this might help as hardly anyone is going to go down a tunnel and just dig their own... 


And as a side note maybe ores can respawn after a YEAR or so... I know that's not planned but as this game grows new players WILL find it hard to get a foot hold because all the easy ore is completely gone. I'm getting a LOT of scans coming up with nothing but tier one ores... now either that is by design or it's all being mined out. If it's really disappearing that fast it will be a problem in the long run... But that's a side issue that can be addressed later. 

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Scanning a lot less of then t2+ stuff has always been the norm for me, but that could just be me. 


Saving on game-load by filling in the tunnels/caverns in unclaimed every so often sounds like a great idea.


Ore-refilling could be nice, but a large part of new-player-mining issues is likely to be the ever expanding blockade of claimed territory they cant dig. Both issues combined aren't nice to new people's time, so something may need to be done about that.

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Agreed, and for owned territory that need a fonction where, If we place a Core Unit the voxel fill only arround the building zone and not under. Like we cannot build outer the Core Unit build zone anyway. And an option on TU for enable / disable refill hole.

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