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L-Core ship Boosters don't work at all

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I want to start by saying I am likely missing some super simple fundamental step and deserve to be blasted for my idiocy, but that said, please blast me if it solves the problem!

This is my first L-Core ship, and the first time I have had a problem with things not working.  Specifically, the boosters do not fire, at all, everything is linked, no errors on the board, tools all show everything as present and working.

Yet, when I hop in the pilot seat (Command Chair), smash down that space bar, it shows on the HUD, 100% vertical power, but nothing happens.  If I spool up the Atmospheric Engines, they do fire and the ship will start to scoot along the ground.


What I have attempted so far.

Moved the command chair down from on high where it normally sits so it is close to the ground and the Boosters to see if it was a height issue. Nope…

In the same vein, I “ALT+SpaceBar’d” to adjust the height of Booster elevation to see if at some point they would “detect the ground” and fire up. Nope…

I removed the Command chair and deleted dynamic data, added again, re-ran default pilot seat.  Nope…

Removed all Boosters and replaced them.  Nope…

Removed all fuel tanks, and links, and re-linked everything. Nope…

In the same vein, I linked space engines to their own tanks and boosters to their own tanks as a test.  Nope…


What I think I am missing is that with a certain number of elements (I am about double of anything I have built before), I need some extra processing power in between the command chair and the elements.  I have yet to play with Radar, weapons, sensors (automatic anything), but have seen enough that for some of that you need programming boards to accept all the feeds and turn it into a single link to the chair.


If numbers matter: 24-L-Boosters, 28-L-Adv.Atmospheric Engines, 4-XL-Space Engines, 4-L-Atmospheric Fuel tanks, 4-L-Space Fuel tanks


Attached small screen grab if a visual helps.  I have seen much larger ships, though my pilot seat is a good distance from the Boosters relative to other ships I have seen.  Really don't think that is the issue, but should just shut up now and let you fine folks point me in the right direction :)


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That might be the secret sauce I need for some more searches :)  I did see one post that did not go into detail at all, but mentioned tagging engines.  Have never needed to do that on my smaller ships.  thanks!  will start the hunt :)


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Wanted to post an update to this.  finally figured out my issue.  I had built some voxel ribs around my VBoosters, all my problems were simply an obstruction issue.  I need to also say that I have done exactly the same rib work on one other build and it has no issues, so there was no reason for me to think it would be on this ship.  It wasn't until I built a 1/4 scale, or started one at least, using all XS parts, still thinking it was a quantity of parts issue.  it worked just fine, so staring at it and the big one, I realized the only real difference was voxel work, and the lack of the finer details.


Would have been nice if they turned red like wings or engines do when obscured, or if they just turned on, burned fuel but gave no lift.


Now I can start working on the finer points of the build, lighten it up, finish interior and exterior details.



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