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DevBlog: Biomes Improvements and New Voxel Features


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Hello Noveans,

The upcoming 0.24 Update includes a plethora of enhancements to elevate the look and playability of Dual Universe. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at two of these: biomes improvements and new voxel features.

In this first phase of a significant, ongoing graphics update, we are improving the biomes of our planets to make them more visually diversified. Combining Speedtree, a procedural generation software, with the Quixel Megascans assets library for the textures and meshes, we now have many new tree models!


The Quixel Megascans library also provided many new rock models, which our artist team has then reworked.


Moreover, to achieve maximum realism, our ground textures now utilize scans of authentic terrestrial soils. In addition, we have improved the rendering to increase the textures’ visual quality and performances even further.





Rendered models from our Engine Editor.


These new rock assets will replace all the previous ones and add variety to the environments.



We have a new night lighting! To offer a better visual by nighttime, the tree models have been calibrated in order to fit the new night lighting.




All tree and rock assets are placed in the game world using procedural generation spawning.



These scans ground textures are the materials from Quixel Megascans used to replace previous ground textures.

One of the most compelling aspects of Dual Universe is its fully editable world. Through the art of manipulating voxel structures known as voxelmancy, the possibilities for channeling your creativity are endless. Our goal is to provide the players with as many tools as possible to edit voxel shapes, and we want these tools to be user-friendly and efficient.



The suite of voxel tool shapes is now even sweeter with the addition of the cone shape. Using it is similar to making cylinders. Use the mousewheel to increase the size of the base, and drag up or down to increase or decrease the height.



The new line tool allows you to select an area using any of the available voxel shapes and then hit the Alt key to delete them. Hopefully, you will now find it less tedious to remove voxels than with the previous system!



Are you looking forward to being surrounded by the luscious new sights and textures of the graphics update? How will the new voxel tools compliment your constructs? Let us know in this discussion thread. 👇



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