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Haku0814's Ideas O_o


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Haku0814's Ideas O_o


  • Individual options for different ambient sounds
    • namely engine and machine volume controls


Ideas for PVP people AND the would be Victims.

For the miners and industrialist in flight!

  • Jump drive - you "Jump" 5-10 SU in the direction your pointing and do not loose acceleration ( if an obstacle is in your path, you are moved into a nearby non-colliding spot ). This helps with "Off-pipe" driving for more seasoned players, would also help with the last leg of a trip to ensure deliver/arrival.
  • Burst radar jamming unit, it just buys time while the other ship waits to lock on/see you.
  • Deployable decoys, they are artificial version of you, core size, ship name, etc. They also show the same information/visual when locked onto. Initial deployment scrambles current lock-on by other ship.
  • Cloak - Replaces your ships look with a glass globe effect and reduces chance to hit and range to lock. No warp possible while in use.


PVP side of things

  • Inertial inhibitor, prevents jumping and reduces target ships speed
  • Hardened Sensor array - reduces jam time of Burst radar jamming
  • Rapid EMP unit - Disengages decoys, slow rate of fire.
  • Wolfpacks - ships with a specialized cockpit that can sport ONLY 2 weapons, contingent on size of core.
    • Why? With only 1 crew member, it is more likely for packs to form to "Hunt" other players
    • Makes engaging in PVP a little more simplistic, you can fly solo and still shoot!
      • Limited ability, the ships will NEVER be as good as a group, though you might starting hanging out with your future crew this way :3


  • Voxels/Parts outside of pieces that DO something formulate a ships HP, 


Handling HP and Shield

  • HP should be composite of XY components on ship with ABC components that have to be repaired separately.
  • Damaged is shown via FX and various crippled ship systems.
    • Why? Simplifies ship damage and server stress
    • Why? So we can change and add shield mitigation as well XD to replace the previous lol
  • Now we can begin adding shield/damage flavors and maybe even a system to slowly transition shield mitigation via polarization
  • This means we have a reason for scanners etc.


Another thing to add, would be an "Mode" that L cores can switch to that temporarily anchors them and allows activation of a warp beacon on the ship.

  • Sacrificing Mobility to try and call for reinforcements.
  • Preparing for a remote engagement.


My other favorite form of warfare

  • Drones/Drone bays
  • T1 Drone miner ( watch the little robo critters eat surface rock, player must remain logged in ) *Critters are visual only, gotta save the server ticks X_X*
  • Nuff said here ( Utility, mining, sentries , etc. )


Avatar V Avatar ( precursor/prep )

  • Along with the ideas posted here, would like to see at least a rough draft/placeholder style implementation of an equipment screen.
    • Devs could switch the default "Weapon" we start with to an equip-able with a RClick menu, that would create a basis for interaction, etc. Going further, equipables do not have to show on players, they could buff things outside of skills. Like a REAL jetpack that consumes compressed hydrogen cells, or something. Enhanced NANO pack gear. Make us run faster. 
  • Does not have to have any effect on characters yet, just create an opportunity for the dev team to start poking around at it Pre-AVA, so that work later can be smoothed out some.
  • Tablets/Controllers that can be linked to a remote unit on a ship or multilinked.


Helping poor devs not starve

  • We players understand you have limited art staff/staff in general, maybe open a contest for ideas to be sent in, rewarding the winner/ 1st 2nd and 3rd place with a 3mo free sub or skill points <- we players will kill each-other for these btw, seriously.
  • Outside of Art, the solar system really does need a more fleshed out story to it other than, we left earth -> we arrived! -> we build. Feels kinda FLAT really. You could pair this up with the aformentioned "Art" contest.
  • Things like this can help drive community engagement, it would also help showcase to the public, that the community is trying to make an effort, and that people still like the game.
  • NPC missions like some people said, could be from, our first contact in DU, Aphelia. With daily work logs/request from her. Please get rid of free quanta, MAKE us engage in the game.


Market Stuff o_O



  • Food stuffs / drinks
    • Could have different effects, both statistical and visual
  • Enhancers
    • Give larger buffs, tracking, accuracy, etc.

Make it easier to see the value of something

  • Tooltip would show a breakdown of what RAW ore resources would cost for an element
    • I only mention this as seeing some things on market are cheaper than the ore used to make them.
    • I'm guessing this is due to lack of knowledge on players part.
  • Remove bots and use Aphelia missions for cash instead - these should be limited per player, not just orders, thereby creating a set
    • Market will self correct itself eventually, though being able to see the price of ore compared to final products would be a huge help with this. Using market prices and their current PURCHASE trend with X/Y threshold to keep ppl from mass posting 0.01 materials and then buying them back right away. < < < ( This was sort of added? PTS )

Limited Run Schematics

  • Increase market entry oppurtinities
    • Reduce Schematic cost now that they are limited run
    • Increase h sink across multiple groups
    • Good reason to add "Original" Schematics and "Researched/Improved" Schematics
      • Inbetween tiers that can be found via researching?
        • Research "mini-game" for crafters requiring resources?



Why not, being able to throw resources into a research Element to try and create XY result is a great way to boost market flow for parts.

  • Research could replace schematics and players who purchased said schematics would receive X to Quanta of skill points.
  • More movement on the parts end of things, increasing the need for something, etc.
  • Diversified market based on values of items such as thrust fuel consumption etc.


  • Aphelia missions!? ( added on PTS!? May not be same as below. )

NQ could use this as a way to disperse fund for active players. Mining events that are long-term to provide materials for NPC ships, haulers etc.

  • Fulfilling these in turn increases NPC hauler activity between worlds.
  • Creates a combat opportunity for hunting players and pirates, outside of fight other players.
  • Creates cannon fodder for miners/haulers to hide among while doing they're part.
  • NPC ship would be from user submitted BPs.
    • Again, creating another even for builders every so often to submit more ships for filling in "Gaps" from players to keep activity levels between systems moving.
  • NPC structures for drop off on ea world for missions / non-player missions.



We've done it! From the Ark ships archives we have recovered animal DNA to clone and create small scale farms!

This is just to feed into the "Market Stuff o_O" ideas, because, who needs to mine when you can farm!

Would required some major


Salvage addition?

  • Short range salvage scanner
    • Would help ppl to move around the planet more / give a crutch to the less lucky players to locate salvage on planet surface, though it would require some time to locate any salvage.
  • Back end, salvage system that spawns salvage, both in space and on planets. Would scan for cores in any spawn area and spawn 30-40km away, should be far enough to not be visually seen unless your looking for it. Only becomes active if system salvage has less than X number of wrecks left. Voxels do not count towards wreckage mass in this fashion.


ORGanization Stuff

  • Assett tracking
    • I'm thinking of something more than just tracking VIA the map, an ORG with an entire fleet of supply, warfare, personal vehicles, that list will get cluttered very quickly.



  • Space radar to continue working until 1% Atmo, due to stations being within safezone and not appearing to pilots, PLEASE?!
  • Ability to Toggle space/atmo radar, much needed to avoid collisions.
  • Braking state saved directly to dynamic constructs, braking behavior default to toggle instead of holding to activate. ( optional )
  • Alignment Computer - An element that allows a users ship to automatically align with a given bookmark.
  • UPGRADE the map to 3D with bookmarkable points and zoom pls T_T ( Why do we not have this already!!!!??? )



Inventory / Industry

  • Hub Interface - Allows Avatar Only access to hubs. No In/Out from IND/Transfer units. However would allow access to multiple HUBS via interface.
  • When attaching containers to hub, we should be clicking on the hub and then target containers without the need to retarget the hub. Same for other connections, industry would be a little less painful for some, and a breath of fresh air for others.
  • Control Relay - A small 1x1 voxel item that lets you link it to a controllable object to open up its UI. Able to be swapped to OTHER objects if LUA is used.
  • Option to turn off error sounds on machines and use ones own LUA based system instead. Lights/Audio of choice/etc.
  • Honeycomb Compressor - It just takes Honeycomb and compresses/reverse engineers it back into it's Pure/Product form.
  • Disassembler - Disassemble an element into it's components, loss of 35% with skills that gain back 5% per skill. Makes salvaging a ship in PVP more worthwhile because no you can repurpose the components into something you find useful.

Further Scanner Improvements?

Scans themselves I feel are a bit messy, some ideas below may conflict, fyi

  • Scanner names - Scanners name should be switched to using the planets numeric number and the tile the scan is for instead of a general "Scanner Result" name.
  • The other idea is to remove scanner results altogether and make a scanner DB element, or event set it to use and advanced item that can keep an expanding DB that can be right click and exported to, the inverse the same as well.
    • The first idea in this section could be used to make single scan exports that can be sold/traded with other players
    • Any rescan of the same tile will automatically located it's original scan and UPDATE it, rather than duplicate it.


  • Would like to see, though it may be a bit far fetched, an art contenst sent out to the public in each major region around the world for their idea of space armor. ( some people are asking where this came from? I was listening to different pieces of music and the change of mind made me think of how culture could effect DU. )
    • It would add a very literal, difference not just in ships, but also personal cultural taste.
    • At the moment we are all stuck on the idea that we are "Noveans" we just a bunch of people who made it out here.
      • Now that we have established ourselves some, should we not honor those cultures we left behind.
      • Armor can be looks only, aesthetics per say
        • Different armors for different looks
        • Underlying "Equips" could be statistical only
        • More variance in color choices than default armor
          • Maybe even add armor only found on derelicts when they spawn?!
  • It would just be awesome as hell to see designs from say, Russia, China, Japan, Europe, America, The Middle East, even in what their take would be for armor for the future using the base novean armor as a guide. 

Just Communication ( Gundam W Pun... )

  • Mail boxes, message only, no items
  • Dialer/Phone? Voice?!
    • A way to either communicate via voice either to an avatar or to a ship
      • Great for P2P communication being kept within game
      • Ship to Ship for when
      • Optional, able to be toggled off


Territory Problems?

  • Territory upkeep
    • Why money, make it a resource/power system that must be used instead to add another commodity in constant need.
      • T1-3 variants with different output, power is tile based and can flow outward to owned tiles.
      • Industry taking power now creates a reason to keep it fed, increasing upkeep and need for more interaction from orgs for multiple players.
        • Increased transport traffic, we hate it, they love it, now we have to get power OUT to certain locations/stations in order to be used.
        • Different reactors T1-Tx would need different fuels made from T1-5 materials ( creating market variation and demand for more base/refined materials )
    • No power causes a players TCU to go un powered resulting in no longer being owned after it's "Backup Power/Timer" has kicked in and notified the player of issue.
      • Notification comes up via text and shows a blinking hex when unpowered, would also show for orgs as diff configurable color ( in the case of multiple orgs )


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