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Mission System Formal Ratings


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In order to build trust between actors, NQ intends to add a 5-star rating system, but a rating system like this can be abused as well. I can give a player a poor rating and impact their ability to play the game regardless of their performance with respect to the mission itself.


However, there are ways to formally rate a player's mission performance. NQ should have the ability to track when or whether certain mission-related events occur. (I am focusing on hauling missions here, but the principle of formal performance metrics is not limited to this scope)

A few possible metrics for mission performance:

  1. Was the mission completed successfully?
  2. How quickly was the mission completed? (Could be elapsed time or presented as a percentage of the total time allotted)
  3. If the mission failed, why?
    1. Package was destroyed
    2. Package was opened by the player      <-- MOST IMPORTANT
    3. The mission timed out
    4. The destination container was destroyed

Any mission system should have some sort of indication of whether or not a mission failed because the hauler opened the package before delivery. The most important information to the player writing a hauling mission is whether or not the hauler will just steal the freight. Formal detail can be included in the rating system fairly easily, and it allows for a greater degree of trust between actors than would otherwise be possible, increasing the proportion of players who are willing to create missions and lowering the necessary collateral.



There are two major purposes to a rating system:

  1. To establish trust / penalize/disqualify untrustworthy players (e.g. did the player steal the payload)
  2. To distinguish performance between trustworthy players (e.g. how quickly a haul was delivered)

Ideally, the rating system would segregate these two objectives. There is a problem when a player is rated poorly because they took a long time to respond to messages or perhaps they were rude in communications, but when another mission writer sees this bad review, he wrongly presumes the hauler is not trustworthy.

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