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Schematics Printer (Industry Unit)


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Current schematics mechanics is pretty much economical black hole which destroys economy as it is instead of reinvigorating it. Currency in economy should flow and not think into black hole, in order to keep economy itself working. Also, schematics themselves also need to become source of income for players, they shouldn't be just dumped onto market via NPC.


My idea is to introduce a Schematics Printer that follows these principles:

1) Players can craft T1 Schematics Printer via Nanoforge.

2) T1 Schematics Printer can print any T1 schematics + schematics of T2 Schematics Printer.

3) T2 Schematics Printer can be produced in T1 Medium Assembly, T3 → T2, T4 → T3 and T5 → T4.

4) Schematics Printer is a very long term industry unit. Printing schematics with it should be slow, but reasonable.

5) For example: T1 Schematics takes 24h to print, T2 → 48h, T3 → 96h, T4 → 192h and T5 → 384h.

6) T1 Schematics Printer should not require any talent to use, but T2 should require Lv.1 talent, T3 → Lv.2 & etc.

7) Obviously, Schematics Printer shouldn't require any schematics to print schematics. Time is the cost here.

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Same kind of idea I had but I think it should be a research machine that uses the components for the item to make the schematic. That would put value in the schematic in items and make it takes time as well since they dont have a durability.

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