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Territory Scanner and Disconnects.


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I do a lot of mining and so do a lot of people that I play with regularly. While scanning Hexs a lot of us experience being disconnected multiple times throughout the day while our scanners are just finishing or nearing 100 percent done. This causes us to have to restart the scanners and waste the 15 minutes we waited in the first place. 


I wish that there was a system where if you get disconnected or are logged off for less than three minutes after a scanner is finished and log back in within those three minutes your scan results are still there and don't disappear. Until the servers are stabilized further and disconnects are minimized have the game make you restart your scanners makes an already grindy time loop even worse. If I had to add up all the time I had to wait an extra 15 minutes it would probably equate to several hours or more of game time.


What is your thoughts as the community on this? Should we just suck it up and deal with it as one of the many growing pains of Dual Universe or do you think the Devs should tweak the system a little bit to account for frequent disconnects while scanning territories? 


I appreciate all feed back. I usually don't post topics but this issue has been annoying me greatly. 


Along with the ghost nodes issues its starting to add up to reasons why a lot of the miners in my community of 60 players have quit the game until further updates and I hate seeing players that I've played with since alpha just get fed up to the point they don't even want to play anymore. 

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4 minutes ago, MadmanMac said:

its one of those fixes I think that might just break more than it fixes.  Suck it up an hope that they can get the server more stable is my humble opinion.

After the whole link container issue and the history of updates breaking things when they try to tweak something you may be right. 

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