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Tutorial re start

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Hello to all, new here and already have a problem as, i started out in the tut and got to the nitro material and asked by the tut to have a look at the prices etc etc, this done, was waiting for the tut to tell me where i go next, BUT!!, it would not do anything, or appeared such.


With this happening i came out of the game and then went back in to it, still no luck so i reinstalled the game completely seeing as i was only at the tutorial stage, this dune i find i can not get back to the tutorial, the building OR, the screen in game you can go upto and press to restart the tut, have i missed something or is this a problem in game ???, i am 66 old man and must say it does take a little time now a days to get into the swing, never the less, i get there in the end and do well, just, i think i have caused a problem for myself; all and any help will be most gratefully accepted by me and i thank all and very best from me .



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Avonthorn, Firstly nice to chat and hope to see you in the game soon; thanks for the advice, i will do so; the in game voice tells you you can go back to the building, WHICH, i have forgotten it`s name ( age lol ) and click on screen which i did see when i first started out, but, will do as you suggest and hope i can go from their......


                                                                     Very many thanks,   mckinnell.

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Hi mate, did as you said, no reply from any one, so i guess its a lame question, seems i just said good bye to 6 months of game, but, thanks for your help at least, 


                                                              Thanks,   mckinnell.

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