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  1. Hi matey, do not give in, i am 66 and eye sight problems and at my age you really do need to go over things again and again etc etc etc, i remember when i went from Lightwave to Autodesk and now with Blender 2.9 boy i could of smashed my PC,lol lol, but time and sheer doggedness has won the day, this game a major new chap in town and, like all games you must walk plenty of boring and at time soul destroying times to get even a couple of places forwards. How about this, you have 3 months to go, wait till the bitter end as per months left and stumble, YES!! stumble along and be lik
  2. YES, i actually got to the re tut by the window on the last upper floor of the starting building so far so good; went all through the tut to the products buy and sell part and did as instructed no problems, went next as instructed to do to the ingredients prep gadget and looked for the nitro stuff for fuel prep, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, nothing their except O2 and H2 not what i was supposed to find, so very dear friends, can you explain to me where i went wrong and if need to back track where to; as i say i`m 66 so forgive me for being a little dumb,. lol....
  3. Hi mate, did as you said, no reply from any one, so i guess its a lame question, seems i just said good bye to 6 months of game, but, thanks for your help at least, Thanks, mckinnell.
  4. Avonthorn, Firstly nice to chat and hope to see you in the game soon; thanks for the advice, i will do so; the in game voice tells you you can go back to the building, WHICH, i have forgotten it`s name ( age lol ) and click on screen which i did see when i first started out, but, will do as you suggest and hope i can go from their...... Very many thanks, mckinnell.
  5. Hello to all, new here and already have a problem as, i started out in the tut and got to the nitro material and asked by the tut to have a look at the prices etc etc, this done, was waiting for the tut to tell me where i go next, BUT!!, it would not do anything, or appeared such. With this happening i came out of the game and then went back in to it, still no luck so i reinstalled the game completely seeing as i was only at the tutorial stage, this dune i find i can not get back to the tutorial, the building OR, the screen in game you can go upto and press to restart the tut, have
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