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Make The Scavenging/Salvaging "Profession" Worth The Time


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As pointed out by NQ-Naunet in 

I'm posting this suggestion/idea here in the Idea Box section:


When a player crashes their ship in a way so that the core gets destroyed (essentially any core that gets destroyed in any way),
said ship (construct) should be salvageable by any other player anywhere in the universe (all planets, moons and in space).

With the _exceptions_ being:
 - On Sanctuary (and sanctuary like moons added in the future) - cause it's the "safe zone" by definition and a place were no bad things should ever happen to you
 - Within the wider "safe zone" (as announced by JC in recent interviews - obviously also on "safe planets/zones" in solar systems/galaxies/universes added in the future) -
   namely Alioth, Thades and Madis - nowhere but on tiles owned by someone else (another player or an org you are not a member of) and which are not owned by
   NQ/Aphelia (markets and such)

Requiring players to "abandon" a destroyed construct/core manually is not emergent gameplay and should not be required for constructs with destroyed cores in order to make them salvagable.


Bobbylord on behalf of the hopeful Scavengers Community

Edited by Bobbylord
Updated suggestion/idea based on latest state discussed with NQ-Naunet.
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