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Dianoian Directorate Welcomes You!

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Greetings from Dianoian Directorate [DIA]!


DIA is composed mostly of post-beta Eve Online players. We didn't have 3 years to establish a membership, perfect construct designs, or impressive LUA codes. But we are catching up quite fast! With over 170 members 1.5 months into the beta, DIA is one of the fastest growing organizations in Dual Universe. You will notice this spirit of hasty growth in areas ranging from our construct designs to organizational structure. DIA is full of opportunities!


I am DIA's founding president, Olmeca Gold. If you played Eve, you might know me from my space piracy activities (and servitude as CSM 14). I am also known for the documentary I made featuring a David vs. Goliath kind of gameplay in Eve. My goal in DU is to build a full-fledged space empire similar to the groups we see in Eve. In Eve's harsh spirit, we will learn the game's mechanics and use them to the best of our ability together, and we plan to be drastically aggressive as DU progresses into iterations of PvP.


In one month, DIA is proud to having established following services:


– Alioth Factory: Access to every item in the game.
– Alioth Real-Estate: A home adjacent to Alioth Market 7 in our Sky City.
– 5 Outer Planet Colonies: Access to all tiers of ore.
– Public Colony Ships: Mine and scan at the colonies without needing your own ship.
– Freight Services: DIA will move your ore from DIA colonies to Alioth.
– Free Warp Taxi: Free warp service anywhere!
– Internal Banking System: No effort goes unrewarded!


Some collective DIA activities:


- Participate in PvP with powerful ships of the DIA Navy.
- Make millions per hour in Meganode mining operations on Alioth.
- Colony mining operations.

- Collective building/coding projects.
- New player training programs on design, pvp, transport, industry, and other aspects of the game.


Sample paid/salaried careers in DIA:


- Space Trucker
- Ship Designer
- Taxi Driver
- Fleet Commander
- Factory Manager
- Accountant
- Miner
- Mining Foreman
- Recruiter
- Director

- Mass Territory Surveyor


You can also join as an organization.


Check out our website/discord for more information.




Thanks for reading. Fly bold! 



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This is nice! What I especialy like -- quite a bit transperancy, this very rarely done by others.

Since (official or de-facto) collapse of several major pre-alpha era ogranizations, that attempted any meaningful nation-bulding style of playing, societal activities were on regress, with people returning to classical "mmo raid clans", "friends bands" or innumerable "interest clubs". I obverved your activities for some time and with great interest (honestly fearing some variation of gradual silent quit), yet no, and now probably DIA in position to claim flagship role in ambitious field, where lasting success was always craved, but so far not achieved.  





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I'd rather be on the transparent side to demonstrate we're not abusing our players' labor like some might do. Join one of our meganode ops as a day1 player, and you get millions as your effort's value, alongside the others who make that op possible. DIA is founded on being in a mutual relationship with its members. I take our transparency as advertisement.


It's been a big hard rush trying to get our main functions in working order without depending on 3 years of blueprints. Now that we have ships and constructs ready for most purposes, I could finally focus on organization building and recruitment for last couple of weeks. And we are diving deep into PvP. We lost one of our flagships to AG the other day in a 3v1. I'm proud to say we came to a point, where we can afford to lose more and learn more, and eventually catch up with the big behemoths.



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