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Short list of QoL suggestions


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  1. When you click a recipe that is in the queue of your crafting window, open the recipe with the queued quantity in the middle window.
    To allow the user to not have to manually re-enter the amount when they want to look up the item requirements
  2. Change the "Missing Ingredients" marker in the queue indicational (Red if missing items, Yellow if it's item requirement is dependent on other queued recipes before it)
    To provide a clean graphical indication of the queue status and requirements
  3. Placing artificial voxel removes dirt voxel within x distance of it. 
    To allow for cleaner builds that move into the dirt.
  4. Enable users to see their trade history. 
    To give overview of a player's trades. Even though they can do this manually, it would be easy to see where you bought items and how many at what price
  5. Enable users to filter the order lists on market
    This could be a ticker list, categorized by planets, or perhaps even with a set distance range, perhaps a "Show Local Only" ticker
  6. Extend the Harvest tool/Mine tool hud with a contextual infobox
    To contain the material you are looking at, the refined version of it, and how much of it you have in your inventory
  7. Implement the ability to "Favorite" recipies
    To provide an easy way for users to find often-crafted recipes
  8. Allow for an option to take missing dirt from the inventory when flattening the ground. 
    To allow for users to line firt up nicely with built structures
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