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Moon Brigade [New Player Friendly | Small Tight Knit Org]

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Moon Brigade will be a newly formed organization for beta launch. We have some experience from alpha as well. Our goal is to be a small to medium sized tight knit organization focused on group members and group effort.

The benefit of joining us will be to form a close group that's looking to enjoy the game without feeling like a pawn in a massive organization's player base with the daily mandatory requirements of being in a big org. Make your mark with us and make some friends, feel your impact as we grow and carve out a niche for us in the world of DU.

We also plan to form good relations with a big organization that we can join in PvP with so we can see large scale wars while still maintaining our tight knit group. We will be like a band of mercenaries!

We're experienced, but we also have a lot to learn. New players and experienced vets are welcomed alike. Let's learn, grow and build together! Being a newly formed org also means we have a lot of leadership roles within the organization that needs filling!

Right now we're at about a solid 10 players and are looking to grow to 30 - 50 hopefully.

Come join the Discord!

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