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Unique Endpoint Talent Items

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Besides Space Whales, one of the few things I've been wanting lately is new functional elements / cosmetic elements. "No more!" I beg!


I propose having an endgame talent once you master an entire talent category (though I know you're redoing how they work, unsure how it will look so this may be dumb) such as Dredger or Avatar that takes a week or so to talent into, and allows you to get a new cosmetic or functional element that only you can craft / place. Perhaps it's a better / bigger / prettier type of engine! Maybe it's a launcher pad or a mini resurrection node. Could be a new type of voxel! The ideas are endless, but I think having them as a reward for talenting into things could be really smart / rewarding.

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I like the idea of getting a cosmetric extra once a skill category is mastered. So you can a bit roleplay into your role 😀


Edit: At the other hand there shouldnt be something which "force" you to get every skill maxed of one category since some skills within a category dont make sense to max. depending on your role)

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