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The Gaveen Empire - Recently Founded and Recruiting


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As with all empires, they start with little more than a spark. And so the spark has been ignited, giving birth to the Gaveen Empire.


We aim to be known throughout the cosmos, focusing on all aspects of life ranging from simple mining expeditions to complex territorial wars. We aim to explore, gather, create, build, fight, and conquer. There is no limitation to what we will be able to accomplish.


There is no time like the present. Though the empire is in its infancy, it will be in its infancy only once. Not is the time to join and be here from the beginning. Learn with the empire and progress as one.


The Gaveen Empire will hold multiple divisions specialized in different areas of expertise and interest

     ·Mining Division

          -This ragtag group of individuals spend their lives beneath the ground in the darkness. Nothing beats the feeling of finding that fresh new source of ore for the empire. But before you go thinking they are just a bunch of Neanderthals with a mining tool, just remember the wealthiest of the empire started here.

     · Manufacturing Division

          -Working with machines may frighten some, but these individuals have found value in crafting the most exquisite items. They work closely with the mining division to help provide the empire with anything it may need.

     · Building Division

          -Do you enjoy building vehicles? Building structures? A rocket? How about a multi-functional battleship to patrol the empires most precious territories? These are the builders, and though we may normally go throughout our days not thinking about it, sometimes we just have to sit back and marvel at what they have been able to build.

     · Exploration Division

          -Crafting? Fighting? Why in the world would I care about that when I can explore the universe? The question may seem odd to most, but for this group this is all that matters.

          -From finding new planets to settle, or finding unique locations in the cosmos, these individuals love, even obsess, over seeing everything the universe has to offer.

     · Officer Division

          -These are the empires elite. They have proven their loyalty to our cause and have devoted themselves entirely.

          -Only those invited can join this elite division.

     · Spy Division


     · Crew Division (PvP)

          -There is no more tight-knit division than this. They live together, and they die together. This is the division for PvP, waging war out in the cosmos. They may go on scouting missions, territorial expansion missions, or go to all-out war.

          -If you want to look the enemy in the eyes while they have you in their crosshairs and decide to live anyways, this is the division for you. Together, there is nothing we can’t conquer.


We are accepting all applications. Please find us in the organization tab, or send a friend request to Galactic_Ruin (game name). If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 

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The main difference with this organization is how the divisions are implemented.

These divisions give all members the freedom to experience different aspects of the game in whatever order they choose.


Once set up and filled out, it will work like this:

You join the guild and want to join in the mining division. You meet like-minded individuals who have been around for awhile and know all the tricks to the trade. After some time, you realize your interest is much more involved with creating things instead of the actual mining itself.

You will have the freedom to move into another of the base divisions upon a simple request.


Base Divisions:

Mining Division

Manufacturing Division

Building Division

Exploration Division

Crew Division (PvP)


Of course, while in each division you are free to do whatever it is you wish. Miners can take part in PvP battles (once implemented in the same), Explorers can build, etc.

The main purpose of the divisions is just to set people up with others who share a majority of the same interests while also putting you into a group that has knowledgeable people to help you achieve your own personal goals.


Please keep in mind, this organization is still brand new. It will take some time and numbers to get to the point where we can fully implement the divisions in the envisioned way. But we have to start somewhere :)

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In-Depth Explanation of the different divisions will be explored.

Please keep in mind, as this is a new empire, it will take some time to set things up. We will be working towards this set-up.

Updates for all divisions will be following this one in the future.


Mining Division

  1. Structure
    1. Headed by a top Divisional Officer, and broken into planetary locations or ore type (This will be up to the Officer in charge of this division
    2. Whether broken up by planet location or ore type, each will have its own Division Lead appointed by the officer.
    3. The Division Lead will be in charge of each sub-division within the mining, directing how much of each ore will be required for the direction of the Gaveen Empire.
  2. Payment
    1. Ship Designs
      1. Created by the Building Division, these are unique ship builds specifically designed for the Gaveen Empire. You will have multiple to select from, and the work you do will earn points/credits that will allow you to eventually turn in for both the Ship Blueprints, and the materials required to make them.
    2. Building Material
      1. Extremely cheap and easy to craft by the Manufacturer Division, items will be available to you upon request so you can create your own living space. Any requirements in every household (if any), will be provided free of charge. This, at most, would be a statue or something representing the empire. A builder would build it for you upon your request
        1. Again, the statue may be removed from a required building. Just toying with this idea
    3. Money
      1. Yes, money. You can be paid for your services to the empire, though the rate of payment would most likely be less than the market. You are free of course to mine and sell your ore directly in the market if you see fit.
    4. Payment will be coordinated through your Division Lead
  3. Things to do
    1. Anything you want to do
    2. Joining the Crew Division for PvP battles
    3. Ship Designing
      1. There will be occasional ship design contests with unique blueprints for the Gaveen Empire never seen before courtesy of the Building Division
  4. What to do if you don't enjoy the division
    1. You can always request to switch into another Division. Just speak with your Division Lead and they will put you in contact with another Division Lead in a division of your choosing.


Please contact me in this thread or in game (Galactic_Ruin) for any additional questions.


Thank You,


     Gaveen Empire

Organization Homepage

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