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is the AI that brought about the downfall of humanity. Alpha was created with war as its purpose and is driven to fulfill its purpose for exitance. 


(drones referring to soldiers) 
(Programs referring to non-military members)


Alpha Swarm:

The Alpha Swarm consists of various classes of drones that serve all kinds of purposes like heavy infantry, pilots, commanders, and many more. Its drones are highly deadly both alone or in squads, they are programmed with a wide variety of tactics and strategies that they can use to overcome every foe. 



Alpha Industries: 
 This sub-function of Alpha is dedicated to producing the warships used by Alpha to continue its war. It is also tasked with the gathering of resources, both financial and material. Its programs design ships that operate with deadly efficiency to crush all opposition that might arise. 




The subfunction Research focuses on the exploration of new planets, developing new technology, and to explore new ways of expansion. In general, this sub-function focuses on exploration and experimentation 



Our Goals:
 Since we are a military faction our main goal is to expand our reach across the stars. Another goal is to field a powerful army that can adapt to any situation on the battlefield since each member has gone through a specially designed training to make him familiar with all the required mechanics. We also want to research new ways of using Lua and other elements, ship design, building, and research are a very important aspect of Alpha.

We will by no means just conquer everything that we see but expand slowly but steadily solidifying our grasp upon every territory.




We are we very new Organisation, so if you want to build up Alpha with us then join the Discord Server. 



Below you can see a summary of our Backstory


Our Discord: 







Info Graphid design.gif

Story Log 1.pdf

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I drew inspiration for the machines forms Horizon Zero Dawn, so we are no Borg far form that. 
Like the story says An Intelligent self-aware AI with a Personality that decided to fulfill its purpose even after the war, so it created a new one to have a purpose

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