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Creative Customization - Painting

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Painting / Texture Tools


The Ability To allow players to custom paint Suits,ships,homes, tools,weapons etc. as an artist myself I thrive in an environment where I can utilize tools and objects that can function in extremely creative ways. As I believe anyone would agree that having creative customization options for most things would be ideal and become a truly immersive experience as you can be Different from every other player. But how would all that work. Well as shown certain materials have their own color and texture attributions which is great. Will we be able to Add to these materials that we build with ?


Creating Paint from resources that we gather (Materials,plants etc.)

Crafting painting / texturing tools

Applying texture to certain objects


Will we be able to craft paint from things we gather instead of instantly changing the objects colors on a whim. For me this would be a great feature to actually have to put in the work to have the ability to customize. I am sure there would be a paint shop selling the products you need for your projects in no time. Either way this would fill my heart with joy.

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Here are threads that touched on painting.


Hopefully they do some kind of dyeing system or using elements to determine color. 

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