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Suggestions to bring more alive

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Well i had too many ideas and things that i "Hope" to see in the game.

I, myself are more of a constructer.


The variation of the different constructs are there but there are only a few that are really eyecatching. Therefore i have 3 Suggestions to bring more variation in building things:

- Elements needs to be colored, maybe a 2 colorsystem, primary and secundary color. (Nothing is more boring as grey elements all over)


- Lights "needs" to be rethinking, sure the Pole, rods and area light are cool, but very basic for a good looking construct. More like an Asylum light. :D

  - what make things up, is to add different color. maybe based on a voxel with that color you want to have. I like the dark red, or a sinister green, or blue as a color on my constructs.

  - The light should be placed in a line and in curve to get the construct more to life. For example I want all the things to look like "Tron" style


- Glass, i think a voxel out of glass, like reinforced glass would be cool. These thin glass panels are realy not secure. :D

  - I can think of a few constructs out of "glass", that would be amazing.



Also I have a wish for the core units.

If we could get a differenziation of the same size of cores up to the L core. Like not a block, where everything is the same lenght. But a 0,5 x 1 x 2. Like cut the half (horizontaly) and put it back behing that.

I realy like to build my constructs with the full lenght of a core, but up and down only need a 1/2, so I only use half of the core. My favorite designs are all more long than high. Like a Star destroyer in Star wars. Not everybody want to build a Deathstar or the Borg´s cube.

I thought NQ wants us to get a free idear of new concepts, but even in the Loading screen the dynamic constructs tend to be more long than high.

--> you can choose if you want to build a regular Core unit, or a Elongation Core with the same Volume.


I´m realy looking forward to the quest system. I would like a board where you have 3 "buttons" and can therefore "comunicate" with the Quest text (if programmed). so you can lead the player in a direction or give Information and choices, even if you not there physicly with yyour character.



Thanks for reading. Have fun ingame ;)

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