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Need testers for when server is offline

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Sybily is a new app on the android app store that has a different, yet more elegant approach to user privacy . It's main feature is in the varying levels of connections you have with people. Everyone starts off anonymous but as you interact with someone, you level up with that person. It serves almost like a reputation system but instead of a 'Global' reputation (like what reddit basically is), it's relative for each user based on their connections they have.

The privacy is not some sort of extra thing added on the side. Instead, with the leveling system, user privacy IS the function of the app.

That being said, I think social media can/should have a net positive effect on social interaction as long as its designed correctly. Sybily is a social platform that has the right idea IMO. It's worth checking out.

Here is the link:




I'm going to be playing DU when the servers are up so expect limited support during that time :P

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