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[Idea] Dynamic Voxel Tool

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The dynamic voxel tool would make blocks by drawing the lines of the block.

For example :

Step 1 : select start point (snapped to grid.)
Step 2 : select second point creating your first line.
Step 3 : select third point creating second line.
Step 4 : select the first point again to create a third line and close the starting plain.
Step 5 : select the points for y axis plane.
Step 6 : select the points for your z axis plane.
Step 7 : the planes would be created based on the lines drawn, and creating the final dynamic block.

I'm probably not explaining it well but the idea is to have a tool that can create very dynamic shapes compared to the line tool. This new dynamic voxel tool would be exceptional for sloped angles similar to what you would see in Lamborghini. 


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