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My Idea on crafting...

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So, this post is about the distinction between basis classes of crafting in games. Between having n Items, where each Item class is equal (i.e. an Engine 'squirrel' always being the same), or diversification through quality levels of sort (meaning the squirrel could be stronger or weaker, depending on quality levels).


The first system would quickly boil down to just raw price of the Items. Nothing more. Live. i.e. EVE.

It would make shipbuilding and selling very easy, as you can (with some experience) quickly figure out, how much stuff you need to accomplish the task for the ship.

But trading would only diversify through price, and I don't quite see how that would invoke that Industrialist's nook, famous, for whatever. As talked about in the devblog. Unless an heavy localization on industry is enforced. I.e. 'pardus': Hauling did require so much action points there, that you would not travel far for supplies, unless absolutely necessary.


Howether, by adding in Quality levels of Items, you split market competition between price and quality level, creating a far wider field of competition and diversity.

It would add more challenge to shipbuilding, because the really good ones will know, when they i.e. need a squirrel less to make the ship do the job. And thus also kinda forces redesign of the ships. Because price matters there too.

And at the end, that would totally enable that specialized industrialist people hear about, because he produces the best squirrels in the galaxy.

Finally, because the careful specialization will likely yield more profit, it will require more people to really hit the limit, thus providing more player interactions. You want to be sure, that your premium parts still will be available tomorrow.


But how to get those quality levels?

I would suggest to essentially handle that with 3 categorys:

- The materials used, higher quality in the components -- higher quality in the result. Or more expensive materials for the first things.

- The level of technological finesse asserted in their production. I.e. smaller tolerances for a better result,....

- The level of specialization of the factory. If the factory is custom made to create squirrels that it should do a better job than a general one, which in change can also create different engines. By unlocking more tech improvements for the specialized one.


Of course, each crafter has to decide for himself, which road to pursue. Specialize on one single high end, high price Item, or just produce on demand in bulk and low quality what ever is at demand, go in mid spec and mid price by selecting a small group of Items,...


Technological finesse and specialization. How?

I do remember that the devs wanted to add actual research to the game. I would use that.

Let's say, you can research engines. After some research you may gain the ability to research atmospheric engines further. And eventually, you might be able to research further into the 'squirrel'.

Of course, the Research effort per level would grow exponentially but unlimited in level, and the more specialized ones would be more expensive in general. But if you specialize you will quickly be able to apply more levels of research to the engines you are building. If you use specialized factorys.

The general engine one would only get the engine tech levels, that atmospheric one would get the engine + atmospheric engine levels, and the one for the squirrel would also get the ones for the squirrel itself.


Additionally that also woks with the materials. Let's say we use the engine housing as an example.

You can craft general purpose engine housings, specialized atmospheric engine housings, or an housing specifically tailored to the squirrel. And of course the research and production sec options should also apply there, too.
Once again, the special suirrel housings would likely ending up to be the best you can get. But the crafter will literally have set all his bet's on that part. With the risk, and if no one wants squirrels any more, for whatever reason, those specialization might suddenly not worth anything any more.


How the blueprints would be need to taught to deal with the chance of facing elements with different quality levels from the ones theroy were constructed with, is another point, but surely there could be a way as to how the builder can specify the valid quality range for each element, if necessary. Or provide some general defaults/settings. Building seems to take a lot of time, adding a few minutes to specify the valid quality ranges should not be too much of an issue.

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@Kelmoir Your idea not too bad but i can see a lot of interfer from system. I think what decide quality can left to player themself, player can organize an Associations to check the quality of the ship/product ... etc like Michelin star. So every major ship production if want to promote their ship can join the Associations so that they can get their product check and have a tag with them on the main page of Associations website (just example).

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Well, My Idea just concerns the Elements, The ships themselves still require the builders. But with all those wider range of quality range of elements and thus also prices, the possible variety of ships would also increase and thus the required builder still to keep everything on order, on tharget and on budget. Like the expensive each with high grade stuff, or the cheap starter vessel that get's the job done, but is not flashy,... It essentially just adds a degree of freedom, if you got left with the decision of using 4 ql 1 squirrels for likely a low cost or 3 ql 10 squirrels for a higher cost.


Still quality control of the finished ships would be a mayor part of the associations, from the players, in order to make sure that all ships are making their mark. Or you start that ranking thing when things get going, it would at least be interesting^^

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Oh i get what you say, you mean with the same Engine part but made with different material and consider other factor like skill so that it will set to different type right ? (Like with iron you get tier 1 engine : quality normal, aluminium - tier 1 engine : quality high ) ? Well that's not a bad idea tho, it can make the market more diversity, the rare material for rare part will make for those with exotic ship, the common one for everything else left..

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Almost. The Idea is quality levels like they have been used in many different Games so far. Higher quality level means better stats, but they get incresingly harder to aquire. Still roughly the same Item though.

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