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Melkor Morgoth

Community Event!

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Hello all! The TSU is proud to announce we will be hosting a community event this coming Alpha test to welcome all new and old players! Join us Thursday, at 5pm PST for a ship build-off! You will have 1 hour to build your ship, then 30minutes to test and mess with your ship, make sure you BP it for the next day! Friday at 5pm PST, we will be hosting a race to see who's ship can circum-navigate the world the fastest, their will be multiple rounds! And finally, Saturday at 3pm PST, we will have a multi-hour, base build off! Contestants will be split into 4teams, and will have 3 hours to build the best base they can! Bases will be judged on functionality and looks, build well! If you are interested in taking part join our discord, and get NDA verified and get ready to build! EVERYONE is welcome, regardless of org affiliation. 


-TSU Head Of State,

Melkor Morgoth 

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