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  1. Hello all! The TSU is proud to announce we will be hosting a community event this coming Alpha test to welcome all new and old players! Join us Thursday, at 5pm PST for a ship build-off! You will have 1 hour to build your ship, then 30minutes to test and mess with your ship, make sure you BP it for the next day! Friday at 5pm PST, we will be hosting a race to see who's ship can circum-navigate the world the fastest, their will be multiple rounds! And finally, Saturday at 3pm PST, we will have a multi-hour, base build off! Contestants will be split into 4teams, and will have 3 hours to build the best base they can! Bases will be judged on functionality and looks, build well! If you are interested in taking part join our discord, and get NDA verified and get ready to build! EVERYONE is welcome, regardless of org affiliation. -TSU Head Of State, Melkor Morgoth
  2. The Trinary Star Union War is inevitable, and here at the TSU, we are always ready for when the drums of war sound. With groundbreaking technology, the TSU makes a great ally, and a devastating enemy. A powerful military is nothing without a good economy, that’s why we use free market capitalism to ensure it's success. The TSU is founded on the beliefs of Loyalty, Duty, Strength. We pride ourselves on our military, but more importantly, the community surrounding the TSU. Our members serve the Union when called upon for war, but in times of peace, those not dedicated to the military are free to do what they wish, start a company, begin an intergalactic trade empire, or even just settle down. War is a core aspect of TSU, we use superior tech and strategy to crush our enemies. Join the navy, and travel the galaxy, destroying pirates, capturing outlaws, and defending our home. Join the marine if you wish to engage in first person combat, boarding ships, invading outposts and planets. Join our discord and complete an application to apply! Discord: https://discord.gg/PA9T6PE Org Page: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/trinary-star-union
  3. I created an org, and their is one other legate than me, I am unable to leave the org. Any help?
  4. Me and my team are currently working on that! Join up and help us if you want! We are trying to work out the amount of resources needed and the side of the sphere etc and could use all the help we can get!
  5. When will we be able to remove legates, it seems like it wouldn’t be that hard to implement and would be very useful.
  6. Do we have a rough estimate for the size of each "block" like .5 ft squared?
  7. Yeah I know, I'm just asking for a slight change to allow some small mining vehicles, no automation, just something you don't have to do by hand
  8. Melkor Morgoth


    As some of you may know, I'm starting the Dyson Sphere Initiative and our big problem will be not only construction, but mining. Due to us having to mine so much just by hand this will take forever. I know they've already said this won't happen but can we please be allowed to build mining vessels, they should be EXTREMELY complex to make so it doesn't become super unbalanced, these types of vessels would help SO MUCH in projects like the one I am trying. It would allow us to have less people mining and more transporting resources and building the thing itself. Hand mining everything is just not realistic especially during a time like the one DU is in, and the tech they have. Any sort of mining vessel would just make things so much better for this project and the game itself.
  9. Yes but you suggested thousands of systems being mined which is unnecessary
  10. You realize that The sphere itself is not very thick, it's a few blocks thick and then the inside is all solar panels. It won't take millions to man, only need to have like 50 MAX guys in the control station, and we're not stupid, we're going to have defenses, so good luck getting the resources. It only encompasses the star
  11. I fully realize the scale of what we’re doing, we’re going to need to strip mine a system maybe more, and the shield the sphere and defend it, but I think it could work. And I believe we can find enough people to make this happen, slowly but surely.
  12. The Project That Will Change DU Forever Be apart of the biggest engineering undertaking the game may ever see The Dyson Sphere Initiative was formed on the idea that in such a large MMO such as DU, nearly anything is possible. We have been told this project is in fact impossible, but we are here to challenge that, we believe the creation of a Dyson Sphere is possible and we plan to do this. Make no mistake, this will be an undertaking of a scale so large, full moons and maybe planets will be completely mined. We will mine, store our resources and build. If NQ allows it, we will create drones to help us in this mega structure creation. When the project finishes, the sphere and all it's benefits will be shared among all who aid us. This is not a true org in a sense, only a collection of people who have come together for one goal, the creation of a Dyson Sphere, an achievement which would change DU, forever. -Project Leader, Melkor Morgoth DU Org Page: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-dyson-sphere-initiative Discord: https://discord.gg/Thnr7ca Website(coming soon)
  13. Would the implementation of solar panels be possible if not already done? Ones that you can place of ships/stations?
  14. Would the implementation of solar panels be possible if not already done? Ones that you can place of ships/stations?
  15. https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-dyson-sphere-initiative I made an Org page for any of you interested in building this thing. It in itself is not an org, but just a collection of people dedicated to one task
  16. Yeah, this would be a very interesting thing that me and my org are considering doing I bet half or more of the guys in my org would join in so that’s a good 60-70
  17. I agree, we would probably break the game with a full sphere, maybe a Dyson Swarm or as you said a ring would work, for a run we would have to make rails of some sort and then use automated drones to make it. Turning a planet into a ring though.... didn’t think about that
  18. Would the creation of a Dyson Sphere be possible in the game. And if so how would we go about harnessing the power of the star after building the frame?
  19. discordauth:kb6XslCf9rivzwo5yPbmPFir6g6b1IelkJ4qTJOkGuc=

  20. Hello all. I’m a memeber/recruiter/soon to be council member of the Dark Star Imperium, the 11th largest org in the game, soon to be 10th. Any questions about the org, ask me. If you want to join, dm me or reply to this thread.
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