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Double Silver Pack Never Received by Second Account

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I signed up for a Double Silver Pack two years ago in the Kickstarter and asked to have the second account assigned to a friend of mine.  I had received a message from Novaquark via Kickstarter asking for me to provide the email address for the second account since it was not in the original questionnaire, which I provided immediately.  My friend has never received anything from Novaquark concerning his account and after creating an account with the registered email address on the Dual Universe website, he does not show SILVER STATUS under his profile, as my account does.  


Can someone from Novaquark support please respond to me? I will provide his email again and verification of my account if someone from support could help me.  I have provided his email again via Kickstarter, but I am not sure if that is even monitored anymore.


Has anyone else had this issue?


Thanks and hope to see everyone in game soon.



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