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Space engineers, plz gather here ;)

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I saw the thread rallying fellow Eve players that are gathering in DU and I wanted to ask the same from my beloved space engineers community! So maybe this thread will inspire others to post a thread asking the players of their own favorite games to rally together as they wait for DU. I think it would be very neat to see all the different player communities coming together to play in Duel Universe!

I have been a very on and off space engineers player since 2013. When I first purchased the game I mainly spent twoyears just watching others play the game on youtube. During the past three years since 2015 I have been building more consistently in the game and I enjoy creating unique and sleek designs. I enjoy space engineers for its build your own world style of gameplay with a mix of scifi. But after five years the endless unfinished features, incomplete block sets, forgotten promises, required mods to fix age old problems, and general let down of the game. It has all taken  its toll on my enthusiasm for the future of the game. I still greatly enjoy space engineers and I may still continue to play it even after DU releases. But by far space engineers is no where near the game and quality it should have been by now. Most of all, I enjoy the space engineers community and most of all enjoy all the unique designs.

Dual Universe seems to have taken many notes from space engineers because after watching the hour long dev gameplay. I honestly was amazed at how well I understood what the devs were doing and how to already play the game because it was so similar to space engineers. I feel confident when I say, I believe any seasoned space engineers player will easily be able to adjust to this game and thrive. In my opinion, DU is basically everything space engineers should of been and every feature that should of been in the game from the start.

So what is your story??

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