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Storms Tale

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fan Dual Universe lore                                                      

.ark ships theirs more thane one ark ship

.along with the death of earth cam unethical and extremely dangerous experimentation which led to some very bad things and the accidental destruction of earth before the neutron-sweep struck.

.luckily for us the souls of the future we left before it all happen

.but soon after we left prototype monster began to stalk us following us deep into the void we the children of the future survive only because of the sacrifices of are fellow ark ships soon we where all that was left, but after "redacted"years we learned of A experimental ark ships fitted with  forbidden technologies that doomed are edan and nearly damned humanity to extinction ,we had to kill them every man woman and child an that forsaken ship  it was the only way maybe god can forgive us for are crimes. rest in peace to are sister ship Charon your sacrifice will not be in vain

.ark ship preceded to arrive on humanity new eden  [game starts]

.but far in distance the sister ship Charon floated with a experimental item needed for humanity's success and prosperity it was only a prototype but are best hope

.something lurks on the Charon something dangerous.but so does the future of humanity the warp-gate                                                       

NOT the story just loose lore

.re-spawn is cloning but you have a chip in your head that lets you stay you

.explains destroy ark ships and escorts randomly in space

.can use it to drive other narratives

.basically near/approaching death drove humanity to dangerous technology , which killed it before neutron-sweep did


i got carried away with that one part          my insanity's leaking out its 4 am 

pray for the Storm to never come again.

download (3).jpg

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