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a strange idea but here we go

and i don,t know what customization options will be in the future

if a faction/skilled trusted person makes a uniform,medal ect ,check it look over it and  either reject or accept it as a new cosmetic item for the faction and add it into the game faction gets ther item and you get a small amount of free content

this could also make a small modding community pop up, witch could generate more cosmetic things.


.a admiral uniform for the Terran union

. weapon skins

.a soldier battle suit




is this a good idea i can think of multiple problems like

.hidden things in said items

.arguing over why something didn't get in



this is a bizarre idea

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Perhaps, if Novaquark can add some kind of modeler to be used. A military template could have a list of items or limitations to what the designer can make to ensure that other players can recognize that as military personnel. Same thing could be applied to merchants or scientist.

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