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Humans generally do not inhabit extreme environments. There are organisms referred to as extremophiles that do live in such conditions, or just crazy players

a "guide" to extreme environment planets


why we need hostile environments

.give variety to the player-base and allow for more adventure, technical thinking , ect

.new ore and mining for rare materials only on these planets  "cough" hazard pay "cough"


Planetary Hazards


Toxic  Class N (sulfuric)

. toxic from level 1 [the airs mustard-gas} to level 10 [ your capital ship starts to turn into a lake]

.has a ore such as uranium plutonium thorium or supernova shards aka really radioactive ore


survival tip

.stay short duration 

.bring oxygen

.dont go un protected from radiation and or acid


ocean none hazardous Class M (terrestrial)


Gaia/Eden none hazardous Class M (terrestrial)


gas-giant Class J (gas giant)
.see gas giant post for more info

.high gravity

.crush depth

.blind if  inside

.super winds

.electromagnetic radiation

survival tip

.dont go deep

.bring ballast/balloons

.Dont even Try it, it is insane weather just stay at home

.bring a sonar and a crush suit


cracked /shattered Class H (generally uninhabitable)

.a world hit by an especially large asteroid or from other ways 

. basically a molten asteroid belt in a planet sized area

.lots of ores but lots of volatile explosive gas or something like that

survival tip

.dont bring big ships

.dont ram rocks

.dont dig without scanning thoroughly


molten Class D (planetoid or moon with little to no atmosphere)

.HOT "my poor boots"

.lots of common ore in abundance

.lava can rise   "probably to much for the server"

.good for ship forges/printing    "not typed yet"

.ash can block out the sky

survival tip

.Dont drink the lava

.stay uphill

.be very about heat and heat damage


moon Class # can be any form of planet type D,H,J,K,L,M,N

.usually no atmosphere

. can be any form of planet type usually barren

survival tip

.bring oxygen

.scan before descending

.moons are like a Gamble


Arctic Class K (habitable, as long as pressure domes are used) or Class D {no atmosphere}

.very Cold / cold

.rising snow "probably to much for the server" 

.can freeze machinery during a blizzard

. blizzards

survival tip

.heavy gear


.bring oxygen generator theirs plenty of ice

To survive the hazardous environments you need new gear  suits,vehicles and buildings built for the task

and knowledge on how the planet functions 


Space Hazards

.Nebula's a cloud of gas and dust in outer space

.Black holes {self explanatory}

.asteroids  {self explanatory}


Hazard Basic Info



.a simple counter that builds up till it kills the player

.radiation shielding is advised



.a basic temperature system that counts down till the players death

.heavy clothing is advised



.a basic temperature system that counts up till the players death

.heat regulated clothing is advised



.a very unspecific hazard

.can range from anything from mustard-gas to fluoroantimonic acid Ph -28

.a sealed suit to protect from acid rain and poisonous gases is a necessary


Crush pressure/abyss

.the bowls of a gas giant with pressure so strong it can pancake you in an instant

.Crush Armor is required to survive in the upper abyss levels but not forever it will eventual kill you

.causes blindness and requires a sonar to see


Molten rocks and explosive pockets

.dont ram they will hurt you

.make sure you dont dig theme they will hurt you

they are abundant in cracked /shattered worlds


fell free to tell me if i forgot anything. i know theirs a few i missed  

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