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Cal Rouvenor

December 2018 open doors event? :D

Who's in for an open doors event?  

3 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you like to see another open doors even otganized by NQ?

    • Yay!
    • Boring...
    • Definitely! (I'll even help with washing dishes before leaving)

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Hey there,

I know it's kinda late, organisation-wise to launch that kind of suggestion, but... here it is :)

Before getting my patron pack, I really got surprised and pleased by this december 2017 event. I guess there's plenty in NQ's plates right now, but I figured, that'd still be a good idea to discuss about the dates! If not december '18, later? haha

(Oh hey, I'm willing to help at washing dishes if it actually happens)

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