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The Immortal Ranger

entry_8210_1 [Not Canon]

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retrieving archives.....year 2027...running_operation_




4_26_2027 - Subject A

"[REDACTED] telescope has picked up a strange anomaly in the [REDACTED] constellation, have [REDACTED] look at the file I have sent."



5_1_2027 - Subject B

"Sorry for the late response [REDACTED], this is [REDACTED] I have taken a look at your report and it looks like a newly discovered large object is near the the system of HR 8210. Doesn't show the same readings as of a star, and it seems to be...[REDACTED]...that is quite odd. Sorry if I haven't been any help.”


5_4_2027 - Subject B

“The [REDACTED] telescope has picked up what seems to be a type II supernova at HR 8210 yesterday, but after the file you sent me Thursday I cant get it out of my head, what if there is something more to it.”


5_5_2027 - Subject B

“[REDACTED] came today, they took all of the computers, documentation and files. I need to hear back from you. I have a theory on what may have caused this anomaly.”


5_7_2027 - Subject B

“The news outlets are reporting its a neutron star, I just can't let myself believe that based on our evidence. Please respond, [REDACTED].”


5_10_2027 - Subject B

“My old co-worker at [REDACTED] gave me access to her computer in the recent chaos, its not one object, its many. But they are all surrounding one large object. However the media was right about one thing, they are on a direct course towards earth. We did the math and they will be here around the year [REDACTED]. We could really use your help, [REDACTED].”


5_10_2027 - Subject B

“[REDACTED] is outside. They know were here. Please, [REDACTED] if you are still there, send this file to all the large media outlets. Don't let them get.....Lost Connection”

extra_galactic_threat.file.....not sent




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