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Arkship AZRA was an experimental arkship equipped for mass-scale "quantum breaching", a term used for grabbing an item from an alternative universe usually due to damage to something.

It gained energy by ramming itself into the neutron star, and would create an entire version of the ship to an alternative universe where humanity never evolved. It was nicknamed the "Suicide Capsule" due to everyone having to accept death, regardless if they were in cryosleep.

The quantum breaching had an extreme failure, leading to an almost immediate big-crunch event in [REDACTED] universes due to [REDACTED]. This number is surprisingly low if a new universe is made for each decision, but if partial pre-determinism theory were true this would be the largest known accident, several magnitude worse than the neutron star incident.

Arkship AZRA was a complete failure, but the whether AZRA was copied, implanted, and landed on the other Earth is a mystery.


Prediction by Neural-Net VINYA


Arkship AZRA has been confirmed a success. Humanity has been successfully saved and is now a TYPE-IV civilization. Universe's timescale is several hundred magnitudes faster. A dated message in English has been found by Monitor-Installation [REDACTED], a love letter with a signed date of over [REDACTED] millennium ago.

Known Potential of Universe-"AZRA" invading others: 0%, universe lacks Kyrium so breaking the [REDACTED]-Viorackian bubble is impossible with known techniques.

Speculative Potential of Universe-"AZRA" invading others: [REDACTED]%.

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