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Idea : modular fuel tanks


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Hello, I would like to propose an idea of upgrade (or another type) of the actuals fuel tanks. It should will allow us to create much more complex and better vehicles, especially the spaceships in wich optimization is very important.


I propose :


Differents "tanks controllers" like "small/medium/large/mega tank controller" where small could be like a cube of 0.50 m. These different tanks controllers provide the lua control slot and the fuel out slot.

After placing this tank controller, it allow us to place the "body" of the fuel tank, in the form of voxels we will can craft, and that we must place adjacent to the controller to connect it or connected through other voxels which is adjacent.

Then, the capacity of the fuel tank is calculated by adding the volume of voxels we placed. But, we can't place voxels as we want, and if we place more than 8 m3 (for example) connected to a small tank controller the volume in excess will not calculated and a warning message could be displayed. Eventually, could be a "mega tank controller" wich is pretty big but have a non limited volume of fuel tank body.


This system of fuel tanks will allow us to create fuel tanks with the form of our choice, for best vehicles and optimized space.



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