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What Does AVX actually do?

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Not 100% sure where to put this... if its the right thread.


Now I have some understand on what Advanced Vector Extension does. However in the instance of this game what is doing?

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Without knowing what they actually do in this game - it is most likely doing what it is doing in any game.


3d graphics has a lot of computing on the world and transforming, translating it.


If you have an idea on the math required to display it, then you know what I am talking about. You need to do a lot of vector math, where these functions are specialized on. Esp vector multiplicatins are otherwise slow and painful and can be done much faster. A lot of that work is done by the GFX card, which is even better at this. However some of the things need to be done by the CPU in the main code and therefore still require the functions.


If you do not really know what I am talking about, I would recommend reading a paper for linear algreba and 3d graphics.




Or watch this video ... (very simplyfied but still true)


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