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Ship weakness

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Like the title, i wonder will there be something that explode when get damage or get damage too much ? And ability to trade off cons and pros between the two thing.

My thought is that it would be good to see ship got weakness to one hit when you fly a small ship but your examine skill (either in game skill or your personal skill ) is so high to know that big bad ship weakness.

Like fuel type and engine type also the power unit too. This engine/power unit is so strong over all and very effective but the cost for that is easy to blow up when get damage and when blow up nothing fun at all. But on the other hand this engine is overall weak than the previous but the better thing about this is it safer to use , have high damage resistance or wont blow up at all. So the builder have to thinking about it very much to make sure it overall effective is high.


If this is true mean the skill of pilot still very need as a small ship can shot at weakness to blow them up. ( like shot at center power core and boom the big expensive ship is now a wreck )

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