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Dual Universe Lore Video

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Interesting design or style (or approach), if you know what I mean. "Upbeat intro", getting attention somewhat up or "pumping", which isn't bad. I like it, in short.


I'm not sure about pacing though. On one hand the pace in that video is good and easy to follow (with non-native English speakers in mind), on the other hand, it could maybe be just a tad ... "faster", maybe? I don't mean hyperactive.


Or maybe that is simply your general style and the pace you feel comfortable with, which would be fine as different content creators have different approaches and styles, in a nutshell. The visual diversity is a big plus in my book, footage isn't too static throughout and I like to think that change of visual scenery helps following and, in addition, it also emphasizes whatever topic is covered at that time, e.g. Arkship pictures as Arkships are introduced or explained.


I would say keep it up and ... who knows? You might be(come) the next known go-to source for DU lore and general info, like some folks are known for covering Star Citizen related content and having made a name for themselves.


And if you ever want cross promotion (in-game or on the forums), hit me up*. Spreading the word free of charge.


Another question: Can you imagine going to certain DU events or visiting their booth in various conventions and whatnot? If so, you might consider using this as another "format" in your YT content and cover events accordingly. Just as possible idea on how to branch out, if visiting and covering certain events would not be a problem for you.




*If sending a PM, I suggest using the community hub at https://community.dualthegame.com/, not the forum here as inbox space can be strained. You can then click on messages and @Warden, if you want to send me anything.

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Hi Warden, 


Firstly thanks a lot for the comment, really appreciate it. I am super super new at making YouTube content, it is honestly something I never really considered doing, but then along comes this amazing game that I discovered and I couldn't help myself xD The plan is to keep making more and more content related to DU news, updates and then once the NDA is lifted and we are on the next stage (Alpha) I will be making a ton of gameplay videos, tutorials and let's play type content. I am really and honestly just doing this out of my love for the game :)


I am still learning how best to approach making videos, my speech, the tone, the speed, where I take pauses and the pacing. I do agree though I think it could definitely  be a bit faster, any other tips or advice are extremely welcomed.


Becoming known for DU content would be really awesome, but whether or not that happens won't stop me from making more vids, as like i mentioned I am really doing this out of a love for DU.


I can absolutely see myself going to any and all DU events and bringing along a camera for the ride and sharing the experience with people that maybe couldn't make it.


Again, thanks for the comments and please feel free to let me know if I can improve in any way xD 


Cheers man

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28 minutes ago, NovaPrime said:

I am super super new at making YouTube content, it is honestly something I never really considered doing, but then along comes this amazing game that I discovered and I couldn't help myself xD

That's not bad / rather good. Sometimes the spark of passion can be all you need to invest time into something and just DU (heh) it, and become better over time. I also say that because I like to think I had a similar "awakening" or "spark" with multimedia content creation about almost a decade ago. And I would not stop, you are on a good track. It'll also be fun as you try out new things that you may or may not stick with! You'll see.


45 minutes ago, NovaPrime said:

I can absolutely see myself going to any and all DU events and bringing along a camera for the ride and sharing the experience with people that maybe couldn't make it.


Looking forward to it, but depending on what style you want to apply, you might need to invest in certain equipment, unless it's basically "hand-held phone style-recordings". But again, that depends on what you want to go for.

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So for me at the moment the key is to take the time I need to learn all about the processes and knowledge needed to make YT content. Become better at editing, recording my voice and being more comfortable speaking into the mic, and also just learning how to best get my content out there for people to see. 


In the short term the next thing on my list is to get a better/dedicated microphone. At the moment I am just using the mic on my headset, and its not really the best. Also getting a pop filter for it too to take out some of the harsh "p" and "t" sounds. Once I have that and after a few more videos I think I will become more relaxed when I record my voice and I think that will really help with quality and pacing. 


Definitely no plans to stop, and its been fun already and I have only made three videos lol xD


I have a fairly good 1080p handheld camera so I can take that along when I go to any event, but will probably need to invest in a good mic set up for recording the audio :) 

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I just had an idea.


Something you could do relatively early is work on more branding.


 For example or specifically, in this forum. Let's look at your OP, for example:

2 hours ago, NovaPrime said:

Hi all, just made a new video for you guys all about Dual Universe Lore, feel free to check it out if you'd like xD



It's short and to the point, but also lacking multimedia wise. Kind of "bare bones". It's not necessarily bad or wrong, but on the other hand people react to multimedia differently. Many might still click the link, maybe some will just skip it if it seems "bland" for them (just assuming, can't look into people's heads but different people, different reactions or lack thereof).


Or, in other words, it could be more "memorable" with more "branding".


E.g. this quote above could turn into something more visualized, like:






[Some accompanying text or description after the video or between the logo and the video]





I also suggest embedding videos directly, it's easier for some people to click or view the content compared to adding one layer of access (having to click the link, as trivial as it might sound). On the plus side, you immediately have visual stimuli of the video thumbnail in your thread and can even generate attention through it immediately, opposed to a simple link.


You can embed videos by using the "full" YT link - the forum software usually does the rest then. Shortened links may not be automatically converted, I think. Unless that was a conscious choice to not "embed" it, of course.


Hope it helps. Branding or formatting can be a vital step in gaining traction (which doesn't necessarily mean you have or want to become a big player, but a bit of reach never hurts).


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That definitely makes a lot of sense, and if I am completely honest I was thinking to do more of an appealing post, have some (more) media elements in there to make it more visually appealing, however I was grappling with a moral crossroads. As I am still a new community member and new to making YT content, I was not sure how my posting of "come watch my video" forum posts would accepted by the forum members.


I didn't want to do anything (like making people feel like I was making spam posts or anything or going against any of the forum rules), so I wanted to keep my posts kinda low-key if that makes sense and kinda gauge what the response is like. Do you think that something like what you posted above (which I think is way better than my OP) would be okay to post on the forums? I mean it is not like I am making videos everyday and flooding the boards or anything like that...

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