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Approximation bending with voxels


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I'm just wondering if we'll have tools within the voxel system to make bent surfaces/faces/lines. For times you want to make a ship that looks very curvy, you'd want to actually bend the voxels with a system rather than try to cobble together loads of straight lines yourself. Example:
You want an arching column (a "parabola") over the top of your ship. You want it to look like a perfect arch and for it to be easy to do ideally. From all I've seen so far, you'd need to just build lots and lots of straight cuboids to build the shape. What i'd quite like to see is having a 3 point vector line that bends approximately. Is this going to be implemented in the building system? Example pics: 3 points, start, middle, end - program "curves" between them. https://imgur.com/a/flT3o
So my first question is if we will have base tools to create curved things like that. My second is whether or not we'll be able to make advanced faces, for example moving vertices of a polygon before creating the voxel object, much like conventional 3D modelling of polygons.


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