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Community ship library for people to be inspired by or to use

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(am i in the correct board?)
(if this isin't i blame the DU discord :u)

So I've made a discord server, not one for an org or anything like that but for 3D models and designs to let other people use in any future builds, sure DU isint coming for a while, but when it does people are going to want to build something, and not everyone has the time to go around the web everywhere, so the discord server is where people can post 3D concepts, or interior designs, for the sake of inspriation, or to directly copy a ship design


  • Dual universe isin't out for a while but people may want to design ships before release, or are uncreative, etc
  • Sure there will be an in game shop but what if someone wants to design something out of the game, when thier bored and dont want to launch dual universe?
  • Finding inspiration can take a long time, but when people make crazy shit that time can lower


How it can be done, simplified alot

1)Get anything that can make and export any sort of 3d file, even a game work (I use starmade)
2)Create object


4)The exported file will have textures and stuff, and a folder, zip that
5)Upload to sketchfab or whatever else you use
6)Post link in the appropriate discord channel

Server link:

Criticism and telling me off for rule breaking by accident is welcome


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Hi Ultragamer,

And welcome to the community.


You should try to join the DU Constructors Guild which is about what you are proposing.

They have a discord and people are sharing their ideas, pictures and concepts about contructs.


I'm not sure you will find many people sharing complete 3D models ready to build because you will be able to sell your constructs in DU, so most of the builders want to build their own ideas before anyone can copy it.

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Welcome to the community Ultragamer,

the arkship pub is probably the right board for this, as promoting a discord server to exchange 3d models and designs should counts as community advertisement. ^^


I think creating chat rooms and orgs to help inspire each other is a great idea for now.

But in the long run I hope NQ will be providing some kind of platform to exchange designs based on blueprints.

This may depend on how blueprints can be exchanged. If you could just download  a design we might see sites like for Kerbal Space Program, or Space Engineers

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