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Broadcasting Battles

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After seeing the latest Dual universe video I had an idea. Using the new coding function for screens. people who are travelling through trade stations could entertain themselves by watching live space battles broadcasted by private owned ships equipped with cameras filming the battle. You could have adverts for organisations/companies placed besides the screen to make profit from these screenings. Organisations could even organised massive space fights to prevent boredom leading to a war, and win resources or money from the losing organisations fleet. Furthermore, the people filming could sell the encrypted script to other players for money, so players could watch these battles when inside a home or office building. Alternatively, commanders could use this to view their fleet from a multitude of different perspectives allowing them to better coordinate their ships, but also meaning they dont just look at distant, far away objects during an epic space ship. 


Thanks for reading and comment below your thoughts on broadcasting battles, or how else the new features could be used in game.

*Serpentine: Signing Out*


Edit: Thought this was general discussion, will try to change this mistake now. Sorry for the inconvenience 

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Someone brought this up before. Space Journalism and whatnot. I can tell you that putting your nose into two other orgs business will be life threatening dangerous. But maybe worth it for some. I could also see an alternative being that people broadcast set-up duels on the ground and in space.


Also, topic :^D

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22 minutes ago, Serpentine said:

Yeah sorry, meant to put this in general discussion, do u know how I might take this down?




You have to hope that the mods will move it for you.


Yeah, you are right. This opens up so many possibilities! Streaming will be a dangerous job but there will undoubtedly be people who do it

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