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The Galactic Commonwealth is recruiting!


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You are looking for a graceful empire that values their members and grants them personal freedom?


Look no further. Here, at the Galactic Commonwealth, we grant the players the freedom they want, while providing a united front for players to work in team.



Our goals are to prosper in the deep regions of space, far away from the known regions (namely the spawn world) and build up a well-established infrastructue in our realms regions, before we spread to the known regions.


We provide a offical discord server for interested players to interact with our members and also to provide a platform for integrated player communication.



The players can choose between 4 directions.

Each section has 5 ranks.


The directions you can choose from are:

  • The Civil Matters Alley
  • The Military Alley
  • The Resource Gathering Alley
  • And the Financial management Alley



If you are interested, here is our offical Discord server: https://discord.gg/KaAeBXu


Join our ranks and take the first step into your future! The commonwealth is allways open to welcome new recruits.




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