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The sun might be our own mind controll device.

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The brain is a complex organ that uses all sorts of ways to communicate with every bit and piece. the most notable one is chemical synapses. 
The sun is a thermal nuclear fusion device that runs for x-amount of time before going either cold or explode depending on mostly its mass.
the point here is though, the sun radiates all sorts of radiation sure most of it is blocked by the heliosphere but what I am getting at is we started of as single cellular organisms slowly evolving in more complex organisms. we developed a brain that is used to the radiation as is on earth. the sun ofcourse slowly changes as it gets older and older but we havent existed with our brain as is for relatively a long time compared to the sun. since our live standards have increased the rate at wich genetic mutations become dominant have slowed down to a relatively slow speed. so now what happens when a human stands on a planet with supports earth-like life?


short awnser: I dont know. probably nothing.

More intresting awnser: the differance in solar activity could (slowly?) mess with our emotions reasoning and other  horrible (Intresting)  brain activity.


I havent actualy read a sf novel that did anything with this idea maybe its  just a weird fantasy I had. I though maybe this comunity could find some intrest in this.


anyway I felt like expressing this.

think what you want :)

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