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[Need support] Can't upgrade my pledge.


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Hi! I'm currently trying to upgrade my pledge from silver to gold in order to get an alpha key. Sadly, your payment portal won't allow me to pay! They claim that I received a "4-character code" by phone / that I could find it on my online bank account, which is a lie, since the code never arrived. (My bank is "Société Générale", which is a French bank.)

My bank probably charges with a delay, which means I can't get my code in time for the "three hours" delay they are talking about.


Here is the page I get when I try to upgrade my pledge. 




What should I do in order to get my alpha key? Do you have another payment portal that I could use? 

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I think they allow Paypal, as that was one of the main reasons for having a shop after Kickstarter.


If you can connect the card to Paypal... I imagine that would work.  

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The problem is that the current payment portal doesn't allow me (and probably a lot of French) to pay using my card and I'd very much like not to give money to paypal, which i dislike. 

Also, I have no guarantee that using paypal to connect my card will actually work.


Main point > The bank I'm currently using has 10 million clients, France has ~50 million inhabitants that are 18+, there's at least 1/5 of the French users of this site that are going to try and pay via the current portal and be like "ok so it doesn't work". And that's probably an understatement, cause imo almost all banks in France show payment from other countries with a 3+ hours delay. 

This problem is kinda ridiculous considering the devs are French too, lol. 

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